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Nutrivive is always interested in working with carefully selected distribution partners around the globe. Our Wholesale CBD plans are created to provide like minded entrepreneurs, businesses and professional outlets, the resources required to become a key player in this exciting new market.


Industry-Leading Premium CBD Products

Entering the CBD market can be daunting at first. There is huge amounts of of information out there on the internet, which can make it very confusing for a business to start their new venture, making the switch from consumer to seller of CBD. By partnering with Nutrivive, you will be selling market-leading, certified products. You will also receive endless support from our excellent customer support team, on everything from marketing to social media content. We provide everything needed to succeed, ensuring that each of our partner understands everything there is about CBD and the laws surrounding it, while setting the standard that they expected uphold, with regards to levels of service, allowing the Nutrivive brand continue to strengthen our reputation in the industry.

Powered by our vision for the future

As a business, we are extremely passionate about quality products, unbeatable customer service and giving back where ever we can. We are at the forefront of this exciting industry, setting the standard that allows other to replicate and participate while keeping the industry safe. We will never sacrifice our products quality, nor our customers happiness, period. We are also devoted to growing or giving back projects, which will contribute to leaving as little footprint on this plant as possible. By partnering with Nutrivive, you will become part of this movement and together we can make a difference. 


The most competitive wholesale prices in the U.K.

In depth product training for you and your staff

Store demos from out CBD specialists 

Point of sale display display materials 

Digital marketing materials 

Low MOQ’s

(minimum order


Speedy next day delivery

Exceptional customer service/ aftercare

Super Flexible Payment Options




What to expect when partnering with Nutrivive

Our UK wholesale CBD distributor programme allows you to purchase Nutrivive products, at exclusive wholesale prices and sell them through your own distribution network – whether you are based in the UK or internationally.

Nutrivive is always interested in finding driven distribution partners around the globe. However, we must ensure that all of our partners are operating within the industry guidelines, and each associate understands CBD and the laws surrounding it, to ensure they can uphold the world class levels of service that Nutrivive customers expect and continue to strengthen our reputation in the industry.

We carefully approve each wholesale submission that is sent to us. For any business that wants to grow their product line with Nutrivive, the following expectations are vital to our approval:

Building strong relationships with customers and be able to provide high-quality customer support at all times.

Uphold the law in all respects during the sale, marketing or after-care of Nutrivive productsdedication to building a long term and mutually beneficial distribution relationship with Nutrivive, allowing both sides to grow together.

As an extension of Nutrivive, we require all associates to provide a 5* service and always be mindful of the content they produce to promote the brand in a professional way. We expect all wholesale CBD / distributor associates to take full ownership of any pre or post-sales support. If a customer complains to Nutrivive about any service provided by an associate, the associate’s account may be suspended pending review.

There has never been a better time to get into the CBD industry. If you would like to benefit from the growing demand for high-quality CBD by offering Nutrivive’s premium CBD products, we would love to partner with you. If you have a question, just email us at hello@nutrivive.co.uk to learn more.

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