CBD oil was discovered in 1940. Since then, it has become a popular natural remedy used to alleviate multiple conditions and provide improved wellbeing to people around the world. Since 2019, clinical research has been underway to explore the impact of CBD on pain, anxiety and movement disorders, to name just a few. We’re only just beginning to understand the impact pure, organic CBD oil can have in terms of wellness. There is a lot to delve into, debate and discuss.


This blog explores all topics relating to CBD and wellness, including:

  • The legality of CBD in the UK.
  • How it is being used to treat chronic conditions.
  • Whether CBD can treat chronic pain.
  • How CBD affects the skin, and why it is used in skincare products.
  • What science says about CBD.
  • How to take CBD.
  • What you should know about CBD before you buy.

Check in regularly, as we frequently update our blog with informative content.

We understand that the world of CBD can seem a little daunting to some people. We believe in our premium CBD products, so we do things a little differently here at Nutrivive. We offer a try before you buy service so that you can experience some of the benefits of CBD before committing to any upfront costs.

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