At Nutrivive, we firmly believe that health and wellbeing are the most important factors in living a full and happy life. Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle through diet, exercise and other healthy habits increases quality of life and reduces the strain on our mental and physical health. Furthermore, adopting this lifestyle can also inspire and empower family and loved ones to make positive choices towards improving their own wellbeing.

Education is key to equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge to make the right choices not only for yourself, but to also teach the ones you love. Although, it is important to learn these values at a young age, it is never too late to make the changes.


Harry McDonough

Wealth of knowledge in Brand building and design with a passion for changing this world in sustainable way, bringing a fresh approach by being at the for front of modern day business.

A word with harry
“The world is constantly evolving and changing at an epic rate, faster than ever before. It is our goal to help steer the world down the right path and through wellness, sustainability, quality & transparency. The core principles of Nutrivive.. together, we will make this world a better place.”

John McDonough

Highly experienced project professional, enthusiastic about health, wellness and all things good.
Johns leadership and operational business experience is what allows Nutrivive to adapt and thrive in such an exciting market.

A word with John
“A business should be about helping to make the world a better place, in as many different ways as possible. We started this business as we saw an opportunity to help both our customers and the planet at the same time. Imagine what we could achieve if we all worked together…”